Digital Caricatures Entertained in India for the International Auto Show

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Angie just got back from an exciting trip to New Delhi, India, where she was invited to entertain at the international auto show. She flew from Washington, DC, to Abu Dhabi and then to New Delhi.

This amazing trip began several weeks ago when we were contacted by the client. They were looking for a modern type of entertainment that was still very clean in setup and that would draw in a crowd.

After several phone calls, emails, and talks, contracts were signed and flights booked.

For 12 days Angie then drew attendees at the booth for GM. They were extremely nice (both the attendees and client!) and her live digital caricatures were a hit.



We’re thankful, also, that Angie made it back safely. Her plane landed in Dulles, in Washington DC just as another one of the many storms was sweeping up the eastern coast. We stayed at the front edge of the storm and arrived home while the snow was still light.

The next morning, there was a foot of snow on the ground! Perfect weather for Angie to adjust to the 10 and a half hour time difference!