Paper Tree Update for iOS 8

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Apple announced the iPhone 6 and the jumbo iPhone 6 Plus yesterday. They also released the new version of Xcode, the program developers use to write apps for the iPhone, which lets us update our apps for iOS 8.

There were a few little bugs I found with Paper Tree running on iOS 8. The most obvious one was where the “Event Confirmed” label slowly creeps lower and lower on the screen. It’s actually funny to see, but, as you can imagine, isn’t exactlydesigned to do that.

So I’ve been making tweaks like that to make Paper Tree run better on iOS 8. And tonight I submitted version 2.0.1 to the App Store with these tweaks. I’m crossing my fingers that Paper Tree’s 2.0.1 release will coincide with iOS 8.

Also, I can’t say much about the update coming out after this one, but it’s going to be good. Lots of good things in iOS8 to play with for an upcoming release.

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