Don't Let Good Clients Get Lost

So many times we get so busy that we let email from prospects slip away. Or we forget all about that great client's event from last year. Paper tree automatically sets reminders so you'll never let clients get lost in the shuffle.

Save Time With Autofilled Templates

As a creative, you have better things to do than spend half your day typing redundant emails. Paper Tree comes with several template emails that autofill with the event details.

Know Who Owes You What

We don't have billing departments to keep after overdue clients. Paper Tree simplifies billing by letting you see in one screen how much is due for each event. Plus, you can easily dig down into the details and see when you were paid.

Organize and Manage Clients More Efficiently

Know Who Owes You What

Paper Tree keeps all of your customer and client information at your fingertips.

By keeping all of your client's information in one, organized place, you can see at a glance who owes you deposits, who has already signed contracts, and who is still waiting to book you.

Paper Tree's "Event Screen" organizes all your upcoming events and keeps your next events at the top so you don't have to go looking for it. And you can see right from this screen how much they still owe as you head out to do the event.

And as a bonus, after you finish an event, we'll automatically move it to the "Past Events" screen, which you can see by toggling the "Upcoming Events" filter at the top.

Automatic Reminders to Touch Base With Clients

How many times have you gotten so busy that you forgot to touch base with a client about their event tomorrow?

Even more common, after doing a great event for a client and getting rave reviews, how many clients do you think you've let slip through the cracks simply because you didn't email or call to rebook the following year?

We'll automatically remind you to touch base with your client in about 9 months so you can rebook the event for the following year.

And we use the iPhone's built in notification system, so you don't even have to open Paper Tree to check these. We'll simply pop up an alert for you when its time.

Delightful and Intuitive to Use

Paper Tree makes full use of the iPhone's gestures.

From a detail screen, swipe from the left edge to the right to "peel" that screen off. Tap and hold on many different labels to make changes.

We even made a video for you to see not just the delightful animations and graphic design of Paper Tree, but also so you can see just how natural and easy it is to get to the information you need.

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