iPad Caricatures Entertain at Philadelphia Bat Mitzvah

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Over the years, we have been booking Angie’s Original Live Digital Caricatures around the country. Last week’s four day Chicago tradeshow was one recent example. However, due to its exclusivity, its not something that fits everyone’s event. Enter the iPad.

The iPad craze is taking off like wildfire. And iPad Caricatures are fueling that fire! It all started back in April when Angie became the world’s FIRST iPad Caricature Artist when she drew at the world premiere of the iPad.

iPad Caricatures have been filling the void between Live Digital Caricatures and traditional (pen and paper) caricatures just like the iPad device has been filling a void of between full powered desktop or laptop computer and the pocket-sized mobile iPhone and iPod Touch.

Since the iPad Caricatures are a less expensive option compared to our full Original Live Digital Caricature setup with the 21-inch Cintiq, it opens a world of possibilities for party planners and event planners to grab up this hot new type of entertainment.

Illustrating this perfectly was last night’s Bat Mitzvah in center city Philadelphia. Angie was brought in be a featured part of the entertainment at the Bat Mitzvah to draw and print out digital caricatures for those in attendance!

Last night, we used a giant flat panel screen to mirror what was on Angie’s iPad as she drew the caricature art so everyone could watch. Then, after she finishes the drawings (in just a few minutes), the caricatures are printed for the guests.

Enjoy the random shots we took last night! By the way, Angie is currently filling up her last few weekends in December, so if you are looking to bring her in to entertain at your event, please call us quickly before your date is taken!

iPad Caricatures at a Philadelphia Bat Mitzvah