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Experience Live Digital Caricatures

We've got experience attracting fun crowds to exhibit booths: over 10 years of live digital caricature & 20 years of digital design experience.

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Angie Jordan is the world's first iPad Caricature Artist. She's been invited by Apple and the International Society of Caricature Artists to give talks about her experiences drawing worldwide.

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You know people are increasingly sharing experiences. Why not let them share YOUR fun by giving away digital caricatures as swag. With YOUR #hashtag!

By the way, with everyone having smartphones, they'll start sharing their fun caricatures around the world while at your event!

And while you're at it, become one of Angie's fans (a fun club of 2,000 fans!) at and be a part of the excitement!

Lotsa options.
We'll adapt your booth's layout.

Large booth or small, we can adapt to fit your space. We hide cables to make sure your booth is not cluttered.

We can even provide you a rendered 3D visualization of YOUR booth for your booth designers!

Want Reliable? Angie Wrote the Book!

When dealing with electronics, we've all had things go wrong. That's why we have backups ready to roll, if needed.

In fact, digital artists, from San Francisco to Singapore to Florida, have learned from Angie's instructional step by step book, "Byting Into Live Digital Caricatures."

In addition, Angie is the world's FIRST iPad Caricature artist, drawing live at the iPad world premiere on April 3, 2010. Our YouTube videos on the iPad have, combined, over 200,000 views!

Are You Now Wondering How Many Per Hour?

When you hire an artist, do you want to give your guests the same Mr. Potato Head eyes, noses, and ears, or do you want fresh, creative designs that capture their personalities and be shared proudly with friends?

Let's be honest, if you're shopping around only for speed, there are many who can herd them past their pen and paper at over 18 faces an hour. But if you want people to continue talking about their caricature gifts the next day, we pride ourselves on quality. Oh, and our tradeoff for focusing on details? We average 12-15 per hour.

Innovation at Great Rates

Do you know of any other digital artist that gets such FUN and EMOTIONAL results as Angie? Do you know of any other digital artist who has innovated as we have at Digital Blacksmiths?

In addition, we have several options available so having Angie or another live digital caricature artist entertain at your event won't break the bank.

If you've come to our site via a search engine or link, that's awesome, as this tells us that you really want something exciting and memorable for your upcoming event. And this is a wicked cool thing, because it means you really want your event to rock. So now that you're here, you can be more successful.

Recent Work

Angie Jordan Featured by Autodesk

Featured by Autodesk! The tools we use as digital artists are key. It allows us to express our creativity in unique ways through art. Recently, digital media has permeated the art world, with the advances of digital drawing tablets from Wacom and Apple. The software has become so intuitive as well! In fact, one of the … Continue reading

Back Up from Down Under: More International Digital Caricatures

We just returned from two weeks entertaining live digital caricatures in Australia as we kick off another whirlwind of traveling. Angie flew to tomorrow by flying across the international date line to Australia. Then Angie started in Sydney and then flew from there to “Melbin” as it is pronounced. This was an exciting convention and Angie had … Continue reading

Neuroscience EMD Attracts at Tradeshow with Live Digital Caricatures

  Angie is currently drawing at the Neuroscience Conference inWashington, DC, this week. She’s having a blast and is attracting quite the crowd at the conference, as you can see in these quick pictures. Here are some images from the confernence!

Infosys Tradeshow Live Digital Caricatures

Toga Party with Live Digital Caricatures

Veni, vidi, vici! Or shall I say, we came, we saw, we setup our Live Digital Caricatures entertainment for a toga party! It was tons of fun to travel to upstate New York and have our original live digital caricatures be part of the exciting fun at this part. Below are the caricatures we drew.

NYX Cosmetics Live Digital Caricatures in New York City

Angie recently returned from New York City where she entertained atop a penthouse balcony overlooking Manhatten for a very exclusive event for NYX Cosmetics. Below are several of the images drawn by Angie and Donna. Thanks for having us!

Digital Caricatures Entertained in India for the International Auto Show

This amazing trip began several weeks ago when we were contacted by the client. They were looking for a modern type of entertainment that was still very clean in setup and that would draw in a crowd. Once things were set, Angie was on her way to New Delhi, India for almost 2 weeks.

RiverRink at Penn’s Landing Celebrates the New Year with Digital Caricatures

We had the great opportunity to entertain at Philadelphia’s RiverRink at Penn’s Landing with our live digital caricature as part of the holiday and new year celebrations.

Applied Policy’s Second Year of Digital Caricatures

Angie just returned from a long series of events, from Boston to Washington, DC, to Alexandria, to Annapolis!  Just the other night, she returned to entertain for Applied Policy for her second year. Below are the images she drew!

Ad Tech New York Event

This past week, Angie Jordan traveled to New York City for a multi-day conference for  a digital and mobile advertising conference.  What better form of entertainment for a conference of digital marketers than digital caricatures! Below are several of the fun caricatures Angie drew during the two days she was hired for the conference.  

Gettysburg College Midnight Madness Caricatures

Last night Angie travelled to Gettysburg College to entertain at their Midnight Madness event with her Live Digital Caricature entertainment. Recently, Angie has been using her new Cintiq Companion, which allows for a cleaner look with less wires seen. It is an impressive setup. Below are the files. If yours is below, feel free to … Continue reading

Baxter’s Live Digital Caricatures from New Orleans Conference

Angie is at it again. This time she brought her state of the art Cintiq Companion to New Orleans. This brand new upgraded Cintiq was just released by Wacom and allows us to do a bit more with our Live Digital Caricature setup, with a much cleaner visual look for the clients (with less wires). … Continue reading

Roof Connect Digital Files from Philadelphia


Somnia Anesthesia’s Digital Caricature Entertainment at DC Conference

This week, Somnia Anesthesia had a very popular booth at the Gaylord Convention Center in DC. They chose to bring Angie’s digital caricature entertainment in as an attraction at their tradeshow booth. And for two full days, she drew those attending the conference and talking to Somnia Anesthesia. Below are the full digital files for … Continue reading

Telcare 2013 Conference