Digital Blacksmiths

Creating Original & Playful NFTs

NFTs are created by a new renaissance of artists. A digital breed who wield stylus pens as their hammers. Creating with pixels instead of steel. They create while illuminated not by the glow of burning coal in a furnace, but a monitor that comes to life under their artistic vision to be shared with you.

Today's Featured NFT

Trevi Fountain: Rome, Italy (Limited Edition: 1 of 1)

Artist: Scott Sullivan

** Limited Edition 1 of 1: An Original Work of Art **

The famed Trevi Fountain in Rome. This is being made available as a unique NFT (limited edition of only 1), unlike my previous limited edition of ten. I captured this image of the fountain while visiting family in Italy in 2019. My Italian heritage is important to me and making this available as an NFT is a way to commemorate the Italian culture. This fountain was created by Nicola Salvi in the mid 1700s, and is featured in the film, La Dolce Vita.

Previous Featured NFTs

AJ Relaxed Golfer Cartoon (2021 edition)

Artist: Angie Jordan

** Limited Edition of 500 of an original work of art **

This hugely popular cartoon character, AJ Relaxed Golfer, was originally created by world travelled artist Angie Jordan. The special 2021 NFT limited edition is the first time Angie is selling this design. And as a special bonus, she is including licensing rights for commercial usage bundled with this NFT (details of the license are in the artwork description in the link below).

Chaos: 1991 (2021 edition)

Ready for something from the depths of my childhood creativity? Something old, yet something new? The chaos of today's digital world reminded me of a drawing I did as a kid. I've digitized the original ink drawing and digitally colored it. This new piece, "Chaos: 1991 (2021 edition)" is available for sale as a single NFT, the latest trend in digital art and collectables. There is only one NFT of this piece available, but if you purchase this, it can can be held, appreciating in value, or resold at any time.

It was drawn to capture the thoughts and feelings of my life and culture of the day, capturing the late 80s and early 90s.